Collins Spec Sheet

Collins is a cloud based system which technically can be operated from any device that has access to the internet. Some devices are definitely more suitable for a smooth running of the system. Here is a guide on what specs to look for before ordering your hardware to ensure Collins is running at it’s best


The bigger the screen the better with laptops, and we recommend anything with above 15 inches. Look for a minimum of 4GB RAM. Gigabytes of storage is less important for Collins as it doesn’t require any space on your laptop. If your team are going to put menus, pictures, emails on the same laptop to be aware that if you don’t have a lot of storage and fill it up, this will slow down the laptop and therefore Collins too.


A Tablet can be a very useful tool to operate Collins in live service and check your customers in once they’ve arrived. Most Tablet’s from the last few years will be sufficient to run Collins from, including the following: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Pixel, Apple iPad’s*, ASUS Zen Pad and Huawei Media Pad - Please see our recommended list below of the optimum Tablets to use. We recommend not having a screen smaller than 8 inches; again the larger the host can bear, the better as you will see more information in one screen.

Recommended Tablets

These 3 recommendations are based on speed, functionality and represent all price brackets.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

  • Google Pixel C

*Please Note - Apple iPad’s can be used to manage Collins sufficiently however as these products lack their own dedicated GPU/Graphics Card, the resultant response time will not be as quick as the recommended tablets above, even with the latest releases.

We’d always recommend a laptop as your primary device to efficiently manage enquiries and the nitty-gritty of bookings/pre-orders/deposits etc… vs a tablet for hosting.


Collins can be operated on the majority of web browsers. It is important that you keep browsers up to date with updates. Our favourite browser is definitely Chrome. Our least favourite is Internet Explorer. If this is your only option however, then please use version IE10 and later. (IE 10 is already over 5 years old). To see which browser versions are compatable, please see this article

Wifi Speed & Connecting to the Internet

Wifi between the device and router needs to be reliable - so have a think of where your venues laptop is going to be placed and where the router is situated in the site. Speed is crucial when using Collins and anything more than 4Mbps download speed should be acceptable. Please note that the speed of the system will depend on the laptop itself and the volume of bookings you have to load in Collins. If you are regularly over 150/200 covers throughout the day, then please ensure your wifi speed is as fast as possible and above our recommended minimum. We would also recommend plugging the device directly into the Internet router using an Ethernet cable, not relying on wifi as other devices such as Tills, PDQs and customers using the wifi could affect the download speed. Check your download speed at busy periods here  

Operating Systems 

Collins supports all operating system that Google Chrome supports. This includes 

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64-bit
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7 32-bit
  • Linux  


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