Reports - Collins Pay Payments

If using Collins Pay, you can view all payments taken through Collins in Reports > Collins Pay Payments.

The report defaults to show the previous week of payments received*. You can amend the date range to pull up to a months worth of data and click 'Update' for payments made during this period to appear.
You can filter Collins Pay Payments by:

> Received Date - *this is the date the payment was made
> Booking Date
You will see a list of payments with the:

> Payment Date
> Payers Name - customer name as displayed on the card
> Booking Reference - the booking reference is hyperlinked to take you straight into the enquiry/booking from the Collins Pay Payments Report
> Venue
> Booking date
> Booking Type
> Amount

You can Download this report into an Excel spreadsheet for your accountants to reconcile payments against your Bank Transfers report or you can Email the report to your inbox (this will be sent to the inbox, you are currently logged in with)


The download will include:
> Payment Date
> Payers Name
> Booking reference
> Venue 
> Booking name
> Booking type
> Booking date
> Booking time
> Guests
> Payment reference
> Paid to
> Card brand
> Card type
> Amount
> Currency
> GBP amount
> Transaction Fees
> Net Amount
> Credit Date

Please Note: The Credit Date in Column T of the excel download of this report is the date in which we (DesignMyNight/Collins) processed the payment. If this is empty, it means we haven't processed the payment our end yet.

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