Enquiries Page - Manually adding new enquiries

If you receive an enquiry via the phone, email or in person, you can add the enquiry manually into Collins within your Enquiries page.

At the top left-hand corner of the Enquiries page, you will see a purple 'NEW ENQUIRY' button.

Click on this to bring up a blank enquiry page where you will need to fill in the customer details and enquiry details.

Fill out the details and click 'SAVE' to save this as an In Progress enquiry.

IMPORTANT - Please note, to save an enquiry it is mandatory to add a First Name and either an email or a phone number.

If the customer has booked with you before, for ease you can add their first name/last name, email address or phone number in the 'Find a Customer' field at the bottom left and the system will find the customer's profile for you.

For more details on how to check availability, add notes, pre-orders, etc and contact the customer please watch this Tutorial on How to manage your enquiries.


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