Diary/Run sheet - 'Download/Print’ - Customised Run Sheet (PDF & Excel)

The ‘Download/Print’ button is located in the top right-hand corner of the Diary view. When clicking on this, a drop-down list will show several options.


In the Run sheet view, the 'DOWNLOAD' button is located at the top of the Booking list.


Click on the ‘Customised run sheet’ option at the top to bring you to the options page where you will be able to tick and untick different options to tailor the run sheet exactly how you want.

You may want to see the ‘customer requests’ for example or you may want to sort by ‘time of arrival’ however you may want to keep your guest list separate and so untick Guestlist.

Once your desired options have been chosen, you can click on either the 'PRINT' button to bring out a separate tab of the run sheet or you can choose to download it into Excel or PDF. Excel will allow you to customise the document even further, with the option of highlighting cells to draw more attention to them once you've downloaded it.

As well as all the relevant information regarding the bookings themselves, the time the report was generated will show in the top right-hand corner, the total amount of guests in the top left and any diary notes in the middle.

See a break-down of what information is automatically included in the Customised run sheet here.

PDF version


Excel version

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