Within a Booking/Enquiry - Sections explained

When working on an enquiry/booking, there are various fields and details within this section that, if used, will help make the enquiry management process more efficient. See below for a run-through of all these useful buttons and fields.


> Go To Diary

When clicking on the ‘GO TO DIARY’ button in the top right-hand corner, the user will be taken to the grid view in the diary section for the date of that particular enquiry/booking.

> Changing Status

To confirm a booking, a user should press the green ‘Confirm’ button followed by ‘Save’. If the booking type is set up with 'Automatic Confirmation' emails then, on pressing the ‘Confirm’ + SAVE buttons, Collins will automatically send a confirmation email to the customer. This will contain the DesignMyNight confirmation template as well as any personal message you have added to this (in Settings).  

To cancel an enquiry/booking a user should press the red ‘Reject’ button followed by ‘Save’. This will cause the status to change to Cancelled, with a black ‘cancelled’ label. If the booking type is set up with 'Automatic Cancellation' emails then, on pressing the ‘Reject’ + SAVE buttons, Collins will automatically send a cancellation email to the customer.

To change the booking status again, simply press the yellow ‘Reopen’ button > select the relevant status > Save.

> DMN Number

The DMN number is a code unique to each individual enquiry or booking (see above screenshot DMN-12223319624). This number is always displayed in the top left-hand corner when clicking into view the details of an enquiry/booking. This number is also displayed on all the run sheets and in every email sent to the customer. When searching for an enquiry, the DMN number can be used in the search bar.

> Received date

The date stamp found underneath the DMN number is the time when the enquiry/booking first came into the system, either via the website or external source, or manually entered into the system (see above screenshot 6 Nov 2016 21:31). If the enquiry is new (i.e hasn’t been picked up and assigned to a user yet) this date will appear written in red.

> Created by

The 'Created by:' shows the user who initially created the enquiry. Please note that this will only appear for manually added bookings/ enquiries.


> Assigned To

Once a user has clicked on the red ‘Take’ button, the enquiry will be assigned to that user and their username will be displayed in the ‘Assigned to’ box on the left-hand side of the enquiry/booking. To change the assigned user, select from the drop-down list which other user you want to assign the enquiry/booking to. Make sure to SAVE.

NB - Once it's been re-assigned to the new user, the enquiry/booking will no longer appear in your account while the assigned to button is set to 'assigned to me'.

> Changes by (initials)

For any users that log in on a general account, before making changes to the enquiry, they can add their initials here. In the Booking History tab, these will then be tagged against any change they make.



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