Venue Group - Reports

You can set up automated reports to go out about your venue group performance to certain users. To add this, go to:

  • Settings

  • Venues Group

  • Reports tab on the left-hand side

  • Here you will see two different types of reports that can be sent out. Sending parameters and what the reports entail are below:

> Booking Reports - This will be sent on Sunday evenings and will include the Venue Availability, Status and Booking Type Report for the last 7 days.

> Finance Reports - This will be sent on Sundays evenings and will include both the Customer Payment and Bank Transfer reports for the last 7 days. Please note that unless you have the 'Advanced Reports' permission, this financial report won't be sent to you.

  • You can add multiple email addresses here

  • Make sure to SAVE the page   


To see a video tutorial on Venue Group Reports, please click here and watch from 00:00 - 02:33.

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