Venue Group - Facebook Widgets

If your Facebook page has more than 2,000 followers, you can add the Collins booking widget to your Facebook page.

Please note that to be able to set this up, you will need:

  1. To be the admin user of the Facebook page that you are trying to add the widget to

  2. Have Bookings Manager access to the Collins venue group (with the permission to manage venue rules)

To add the widget to a Facebook page, please follow these steps within your Collins admin account:

> Settings

> Venue Group

> Facebook Widgets

> Click ‘Add Another’

> Select the venue

If you would like multiple venues to be listed within the same booking widget (for example if you have a centralised Facebook page for all your bars), you can select multiple venues by holding the Control or Apple Key button).

> Select ‘Add to Facebook’

 > A window will pop up prompting you to sign into Facebook and select which Facebook page to add the widget to. Please follow all the instructions from Facebook. NB Then if you want to add new widgets to other Facebook pages, please follow the above steps again.

> Click ‘Save’ in your Collins admin

Once added, your Facebook page should have a new tab ‘Make a Booking’ which displays the Collins booking widget:

TIP - Once you have added the widget, you will be able to move it further up the side panellist.

To do this:

> Go to your Facebook page Settings

> Templates and Tabs

> Tabs

> Drag and Drop the different tabs into the order that you want them to display on your Facebook page

Please note, we aren't Facebook technicians so some changes you might want to make will be your admin Facebook settings and not to do with us.

To see a video overview on Facebook Widgets, please click here and watch from 04:16 - 04:25. 

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