Venue Group - Facebook Widgets

If you have a central Facebook page for all your bars you can add a booking widget to the page. To do this go to:

  • Settings
  • Venue Group
  • Click on Facebook Widgets
  • Click 'Add Another'  
  • Click the venues (holding down Control or Apple Key) you want to include in the widget and then click 'ADD TO FACEBOOK'
  • If you have one venue or multiple Facebook pages for your different venues, just select the one venue you want then click 'ADD TO FACEBOOK' and you will be brought to a new window. NB Then if you want to add new ones after that, follow the above steps again for the next widget.
  • Click SAVE in the top left corner of the page  
  • Then follow the instructions that Facebook will make you follow.

PLEASE NOTE: You obviously must be the admin user of your Facebook page to be able to add a widget to your page.

TIP - When you have set up the MAKE A BOOKING widget on your Facebook page, if you want to move it further up the side panel list, click SETTINGS > EDIT then drag and drop the menus into the order you want. And please do remember, we aren't Facebook technicians so some changes you might want to make will be your admin Facebook settings and not to do with us.

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