Emails & Texts - Booking & Enquiry notifications

If you wish to receive an email notification every time you receive a new booking or enquiry, you can set this up by going to:

  • Settings

  • Venues >select your venue

  • Emails and Texts tab on the left-hand side

  • You have an option to receive an email notification for every time both a new booking or enquiry has been made by adding an email address to the Email booking and enquiry notifications to field

  • Make sure to SAVE the page  

  • Or you if you wish to receive an email notification for just new enquiries, add an email address to Email enquiry notifications to field:


You can also add multiple email addresses into both fields.

Note: we would always recommend you regularly sign into Collins to check if you have bookings/enquiries, but this is a nice prompt while you're getting used to the system.

To see a video tutorial on Booking & Enquiry notifications, please click here and watch from 01:23 - 02:03.

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