Within a Booking/Enquiry - The importance of using Labels

Booking Action labels are a really useful tool to help you stay organised and keep on top of your bookings and enquiries. We’ve calculated that venues who assign one or more labels to every enquiry are 20 - 25% more likely to convert those enquiries into confirmed bookings. Customer labels help you to get to know your customers and build up a comprehensive customer database.

To set up your booking action, please see our guides per Venue and per Venue Group. To set up your customer labels, please see here.

How to Use Labels

Booking labels can be added by clicking into each individual enquiry/booking and choosing from the drop-down list in the top left-hand corner (these are taken from your settings). You can add multiple labels and delete or replace them once they have been actioned.


For example, you could label a booking with ‘Awaiting Pre-Order’ and then replace this with ‘Pre-Order Received’ once that customer has submitted their order.


Customer labels are added on the bottom left side of the enquiry or booking, under the Customer Profile. Any customer labels added here will follow the customer around when they make future enquiries/bookings with you. 


The Benefits of Using Labels


Booking labels makes it super easy to see at a glance the progress of an enquiry without needing to click into each individual enquiry to look at the messages / pre-order / payment sections.

All labels have the option to be colour coded to serve as visual reminders about what needs to be actioned or chased. Those that need immediate attention could be coloured red, for example.


Indication of the stage of the enquiry 

Labels give an quick and clear indication to other users of the state/progress of all enquiries. No need for sticky notes, making lists or emailing colleagues.

Keeping Track of your Enquiries 

In your Enquiries page > left-hand side panel > scroll down to a section called “Booking Labels”  (underneath the Notifications Centre). Here you can quickly and easily see all the labels and the corresponding number of enquiries/bookings they have been added to. This will prove useful if you want to chase all those customers who are yet to authenticate their card for example. If I click on ‘Awaiting Authentication’, I will then be shown a list of those I need to chase.


Booking/Customiser Categorisation -

Both booking/customer labels can appear on the customised run sheet and Function sheet. Customer labels are particularly important as they will help your floor staff know more about each customer and how to treat accordingly. Once a label is attached to a customer, this will remain in the system and will pop up if that customer makes any future bookings.


For more information on how to use Booking Labels, please watch this video

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