Reports - Booking Velocity report

The Booking velocity report shows you how busy you are this week compared to the average of the last 6 weeks, taking into account the number of days to go before each date.

It is useful for monitoring how busy you are and how well you are doing with driving bookings over a certain week.

For example, it could be useful for seeing the effect of a recent marketing campaign on your bookings or seeing if you need to put on a last-minute offer. This report will include walk-in bookings if viewing the velocity for today's date due to the way that the report is calculated - the report takes into account how many days in advance you are viewing a report, so if you were looking at tomorrow's date, this would not include walk-ins as walk-ins only occur on the same day.  

The grey column shows your average number of covers for a particular day of the week, and the blue column shows the number of covers you have for that day of the week.


Underneath this report, you can click into each day of the week to see how far in advance customers were in for that date - see screenshot below. This is really useful to monitor the effectiveness of any marketing/deals you launched for that date and to get a general idea of booking trends. 


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