Reports - What does the Pre-order Summary and Pre-orders list show?

Your Pre-orders Summary page shows the value of all pre-orders you have coming in over a specified date range (e.g. over the last month). The report defaults to show the last months worth of pre-orders, which you can amend to pull another months worth of data. NB! The value only includes complete pre-orders and doesn't include order-level discounts 

The value of pre-orders is divided up into Food, Drinks and Other pre-orders 'Type'**


Please note, the value column in this report doesn't show any pence. The decimal places have been trimmed to make the report easier to read. However, once you download the report into excel, you can see the value to the pence. 

Your Pre-orders List shows a list of all items** customers have ordered for their bookings, within a specified date range. This reports defaults to show the previous week of pre-orders, and can be amended to show an unlimited date range of data. 

You can download this list into an excel spreadsheet to give to your kitchen or to use for stock orders.

**To ensure all pre-ordered items are included in the Pre-orders Summary report, all items pre-entered into Collins must be given a Type or when manually adding a 'Custom' item you can give the item a 'type'.

Important: The download can only display pre-orders for up to 250 bookings. If your search exceeds this limit you will be warned at the top of the download. In this case, you will need to select Email in the top right hand corner to send any reports containing more than 250 pre-orders to your inbox.

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