Zonal API FAQs

What details do you need to provide us?

We need these details about your Zonal set up in order to be able to connect:

- estate name and sales area ID of the till

- site id of the venue

- booking type id - the ID of the booking type in Zonal that Collins bookings should be added as

- payment method ID - the ID of the payment type in Zonal that deposits should be added as

- employee ID - the ID of the employee in Zonal that Collins actions should be carried out as

- username - the HTTP auth username to connect to the API with

- password - the HTTP auth password to connect to the API with


Which bookings get uploaded?

You can decide when you are set up. Either, All bookings with deposits or all completed bookings can be uploaded to your tills. Not claimed card authentications as these are meant to claim for no-shows.

If you want to take money from a client, not using Collins Pay, but logging it in Collins and you want it to be pushed to the till you must log it as a payment in your "other payment" option in the payment tab of a booking.

Once you determine the payment type, you can then say whether it will get pushed to your till or not.

An orange arrow will appear until the payment is pushed, at which point it will turn green and then be on your till:


When do bookings get uploaded?

The customer can decide when you are set up. Bookings will either be added to the till around 7am on the day that the booking takes place or the day the booking/payment is added to Collins. Any bookings that get added on the day they are to take place, or that have their first deposit added on that day, will be picked up and uploaded within an hour.


What if deposits are removed?

If a booking's deposits are removed on the day then you will manually need to update the record on the till - unfortunately, Zonal doesn't provide a way for us to remove deposits from the till once added.


What booking details get added to the till?

Each booking will have the first and last name of the customer, the date and time of the booking and the cover count, as well as the Collins booking ID in the 'reference' field. The total amount of the customer's deposits will also be added to the booking.

My deposit didn't appear on the till, why?

Due to the intricate nature of the API, errors can happen; whether it be from Collins' side or from Zonal's side. Things to check before contacting Collins support:

  • Is there a date against the booking?

  • Is the payment completed and not pending

  • Was it definitely a payment and not a card authentication?

  • Are you checking for it on the till only on the date of the booking? Payments get pushed to the till on the date of the booking

  • If everything should be in order, please contact Zonal first to see if there is an error with the connection, if not, please contact Collins support with your venue name + booking reference and our team can check if a push to the till failed, and why

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