Diary/Floorplan/Run sheet - Add Bookings to tables using the Find Areas tool

When you go into your Diary/Floorplan/Runsheet view, there will be an ‘ADD BOOKING’ at the top of the page in the left-hand side corner. Here is where you can easily add your bookings into Collins either over the phone or when they’re in front of you. How to do this:

  • Click ‘ADD BOOKING’, this will bring up a new panel on the left-hand side. Depending on your Settings, Collins will auto-fill some of the fields for you.
  • You can enter the booking for today’s date or change the date in the Date field - really useful if you don’t want to leave the page you are on.
  • Select the Booking Type and add the number of Guests and arrival Time.
  • When adding the Booking Type - Collins will fill in the Until time for the booking (see guide). Then if you have set up further duration rules for certain group sizes, when entering the number of guests, the Until time will dynamically change to reflect this (see guide).


  • You can then use the ‘FIND AREAS’ function to find available areas/area combinations that can accommodate this booking:


  • You also have an option to apply a buffer to the Find Areas search in your admin. See our guide on how to set it up here.
  • If you have limit arrivals rules set up in your settings, you can choose to 'Include exceed cover limits'. This will enable Collins to return a list of available tables if even you'd exceed a Limit Arrival rule by booking them in at that time
  • If that option is chosen, Collins will suggest areas available at the time, with a warning to say that Cover limits will be exceeded:


  • Click on the area(s) you would like to place this booking into.
  • You will also see that there is the option to place the customer directly onto the waitlist.
  • Next, you can either enter in the customer’s details or if they have booked with you in the past, you can use the ‘FIND A CUSTOMER’ function to find their details within your database - just start entering the first couple of letters of their name and click ‘GO’ to find them.
  • If you are adding in your walk-ins into Collins, just keep the ‘Walk-in’ box ticked, rather than entering in any customer details.

  • You have the option to add any run sheet notes that are relevant to this booking:


  • If the booking is a walk-in, it will only show a green 'COMPLETE' box however all other bookings will give the option of an 'ENQUIRY' or 'COMPLETE' for you to choose the appropriate status.   

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