Reports - Status Breakdown and User Performance Reports

The Status Breakdown and User Performance reports give you a great overview of the state of play in your venue(s) and how well each staff member is performing in regards to managing enquiries and bookings. 

Status Breakdown

The report defaults to show the month ahead (next 30 days from today's date) but you can change this to pull up to a years worth of data. The top report is broken down per site to show how many bookings & heads are Confirmed, In Progress, have been Rejected and are Lost. A lost enquiry is an in progress enquiry past the date it was enquired for. This report includes Guest list bookings and the Confirmed Bookings & Guests will also include walk-ins.

If unsure of what each status means, please refer to this guide.  

The report will also show you the amount of 'Value' those bookings/heads equal to, so you have some perspective of how much money is confirmed, pending and lost between these dates.

The 'Value' will be calculated as the highest value of either:

Minimum spend or
Booking Type Value  = Type value * number guests or
Total value of any Payments recorded on a booking or
Total value of any Pre-orders taken for a booking 

To the far right of the page, there is a total booking and head count, plus a conversion rate for this date range from receiving enquiries to completion.

You can download this report into a CSV file using the 'Download' button at the top right of the page.
There is also the option to filter out both walk-ins and auto-confirm bookings. Click 'Add Filter' and then click the relevant option of what you would like excluded from the report.
  • Exclude walk-ins - This will filter out any bookings with the 'walk-in' option ticked and thus considered to be a walk-in.

  • Exclude auto-confirm bookings - Any auto-confirm bookings received will be filtered out.

  • Venue Tags- This allows you to filter down the report by venue tags, if you’ve set these up.

User Performance 

The User Performance report draws from the received date of the booking/enquiry, ie. when the booking was created. You can also amend the date range here to pull up to a years worth of data. The report drills the information down per user to see who's taking & completing the most bookings and enquiries within a certain period of time. This report includes Guest list bookings

The report provides a quick way to get an overview of the team performance throughout the previous week, month or year, which you can also download into a CSV file.

Please Note: The value column in both reports doesn't show any pence. The decimal places have been trimmed to make the report easier to read. However, once you download the report into excel, you can see the value to the pence.    

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