Reports - How is the 'Forecast' calculated?

Your Forecast section can be found at the top right of the Reports tab and is a great tool to help you oversee your venue and/or estate. If you have multiple venues, the Forecast report will calculate your total estate figures at the top of the page, and then drill down to each venues figures underneath

Here, you will see an overview of how many Bookings, Covers and Pre Booked Value there are per month. This report initially shows the past 3 months and then the next 9 months going forward. You can drill the view down to see only a particular month(s) by using the Date Range calendars at the top of the report.

Below is a screenshot of the different columns; the left side of the columns shows In Progress or 'pending' statuses-these have an orange circle next to them (boxed in orange). The right side of the columns show Confirmed and they have a green circle (boxed in green).

The number of bookings on the left side are what the number of covers equate to. For example, in December there are 54 In Progress Bookings and they are made up of 560 Covers. Then, there are 627 Confirmed Bookings and they are made up of 8437 Covers. These bookings will also include any walk-ins.

The Value column allows you to see how much Pre-booked value could be potentially pending in Collins v's how much is confirmed per month. If you're wondering what the numbers represent, by default Collins will firstly use the 'Value per head' (average spend per head) entered in your booking types.

Then if a Payment, Pre-order and/or Minimum spend is entered, Collins will take whichever is the highest amount. 

There is also the option to filter out walk-ins. Click 'Add Filter' and then 'Exclude walk-ins' to determine if you would like walk-ins to be included in this report. 
Any bookings with the 'walk-in' option ticked will be considered to be a walk-in. 

This report can also be filtered by Venue Tags. Click ‘Add Filter’ and ‘Venue Tags’ to pick which tags you would like to include.

Please note: This report does not include booking types ticked as a Guest list.

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