Automated Reports - Venue Group and Venue Level

To set up automated reports at a venue level, go to 

>Venues - Select the venue

Here you will see three different style of reports that can be sent out; Booking Reports, Finance Reports and Run Sheets.

Sending parameters and what the reports entail are below:

Booking Reports - This will be sent on Sunday evenings and will include the Venue Availability, Status and Booking Type Report for the last 7 days.

Finance Reports - This will be sent on Sundays evenings and will include both the Customer Payment and Bank Transfer reports for the last 7 days.

Run Sheets - This will be sent every day and will include the Customised and Short run sheet. If in the Unavailable Dates section you've opted to not have any same day bookings, both will be sent at midnight. If you have same day booking type cut off points, then it will be sent after these cut off times during the day - Ie. one for Breakfast, one for Lunch and one for Dinner service . If you dont have a cut off point at all, the run sheet reports wont send.

The customised run sheet will include the following: 
  • Bookings: only confirmed and assigned, no guest list
  • Basic details: phone and booking reference, no source or company
  • Extra details: Customer requests, run sheet notes, labels, pre-orders, payments, dietary requirements
  • All zones
  • Sort earliest first
To set up automated reports at a venue group level, go to

>Venue Group

Here you can depict who gets sent the Booking Reports and Finance Reports for the whole estate. 


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