Reports - Venue Availability Report

The venue availability report is a snapshot of how booked up you are across 'All Venues' (if you have more than one) and then broken down to each venue's bookable rate. The report always defaults to the week ahead (from today's date).


Defaulting to the week head, it shows you the Overall Capacity** of your whole estate and per venue for that week. Collins then breaks this down to how many bookings you have between those dates and the number of covers those bookings are made up of. This will include walk-ins. To the far right of the page, it shows you a percentage of how booked up you are across all your day sessions which is the same percentage that is calculated in the Weekly Overview.

Underneath this, the report is broken down by each day of the date range specified, to give you an accurate view of how booked up you are per day.  

At the top of the page, there is the option to display the day session breakdown. When you tick 'Show Session Breakdown' the report will update to show you the overall Capacity for that session, number of Bookings, Guests and % Full for your Morning, Afternoon and Evening sessions (if applicable to your venue) - if unsure what sessions your trading hours fall into please refer to this article.

This is a great tool to compare sessions and analyse which are the busiest across your whole estate and per venue.


** The Overall Capacity is calculated by working out the Max capacity of all areas that are added in your Tables and Areas section at each of your trading sessions (morning/afternoon/evening) and then adding together to get the bookable capacity for the whole day. If you have more than one venue, the overall capacities of each site are then added together.

Please Note: This report can only pull a week's worth of data at a time.

If needed, the report can be downloaded in Excel or printed in a PDF format in the top right corner.


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